Photo by Stan Fry

Photo by Stan Fry


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The Coachella Valley Symphony is the Valley’s only community symphony using the talents of our volunteer local musicians, of all ages.

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The Coachella Valley Symphony is committed to performing a wide range of music repertoire to attract, entertain, educate, and actively engage our diverse population of patrons and performers.

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The Coachella Valley Symphony is committed to using local artists.

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The Coachella Valley Symphony is committed to maintaining this meaningful and healthy activity that contributes to life-long engagement and the perpetuation of live symphonic performances, through music listening and performing for both patrons and musicians.

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The Coachella Valley Symphony collaborates with local arts organizations and schools, in an effort to increase music excellence, promote effective communication, and to assist all such organizations in audience development.

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The Coachella Valley Symphony actively provides music education and performance opportunities to our local youth in order to sustain the existence of live symphonic music.

Value 7

The Coachella Valley Symphony programs are developed in a way to encourage members to transition from one program to another as one advances musically and matures in age, to establish a foundation of skill, and to promote a life-long love of music.