:) It Started with Rollie a Horn

It started with a horn! More specifically with a Trumpet.

Who would have known when 10 year old Jeannette Boulay picked up her father’s trumpet, that a symphony would be born? In the early 1980’s, Jeannette, who was now Banoczi, moved to the Coachella Valley and became involved in a local orchestra. When she found out that the organization was struggling to stay afloat, she went to work and reorganized, staffed, and founded what is today the Coachella Valley Symphony.

The first concert under her auspices was July 4, 1993. Once the adult symphony was up and running, she recognized an enormous need in schools throughout the area for music and the arts. In 1995, along with a generous gift from movie star and musician Buddy Rogers and his wife Beverly - the Buddy Rogers Youth Symphony was formed. Children of all ages had the opportunity to play within a symphony format, making public appearances and playing concerts during the year. Beginning with just four youth musicians, there has been well over 1,500 students enjoying this fee free program. A number of youth musicians have gone on to perform with the Coachella Valley Symphony. Also many have gone on to music schools and conservatories around the globe - seeking careers in music and/or music education.

Because Jeannette believed that music was crucial to developing the minds of young people, she started on her next idea – reaching out to the very young students who had no music training. In 1997 – music classes were virtually eliminated from the elementary school curriculum. So she launched the Beginning Strings Conservatory, which provided violin lessons, at no cost, to children 5 years and up.

With the cooperation of the school districts in the valley, an after school program was instituted with the Coachella Valley Symphony providing a violin instructor who came to their school.

Luis Fausto