It is the mission of the Coachella Valley Symphony to perpetuate live symphony music and to provide public performance venues for both accomplished youth and adult musicians, to provide symphonic music education to young emerging musicians and to support diversity among individuals and within music presentations.

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About Us

The Coachella Valley Symphony is comprised of desert community residents, guest musicians, out-of-state snowbirds, and musicians from the surrounding Southern California area. The 50+ piece orchestra performs an extensive variety of classical and popular music. 

In 1993, through the tireless efforts of Jeannette Banoczi, the Coachella Valley Symphony was founded.  She wanted others to share in her passion for playing music and realized there were few opportunities in the desert. The original conductor, Thomas Mancini, passed the baton to Maestro Christian Chalifour who led the orchestra from 1995-2010.

We began our 23rd season with our new conductor, John Mario, and our orchestra has grown to include new musicians and new members of the Board of Directors since that time. The Coachella Valley Symphony continues to build upon the foundation for music education and community development to this day. We have expanded our youth and scholarship programs. We have also added new sponsorship opportunities. We are pleased to provide our community musicians with an opportunity to perform exceptional works, to provide youth with individual and group scholarships, and to provide affordable concerts to our audiences. We believe that the diverse concerts we offer to the community engage, educate and instill a life-long love of music.


(760) 360-2222

Mailing Address:
42600 Cook Street, Suite 137
Palm Desert, CA  92211

Photo by Stan Fry

Photo by Stan Fry


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The Coachella Valley Symphony is the Valley’s only community symphony using the talents of our volunteer local musicians, of all ages.

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The Coachella Valley Symphony is committed to performing a wide range of music repertoire to attract, entertain, educate, and actively engage our diverse population of patrons and performers.

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The Coachella Valley Symphony is committed to using local artists.

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The Coachella Valley Symphony is committed to maintaining this meaningful and healthy activity that contributes to life-long engagement and the perpetuation of live symphonic performances, through music listening and performing for both patrons and musicians.

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The Coachella Valley Symphony collaborates with local arts organizations and schools, in an effort to increase music excellence, promote effective communication, and to assist all such organizations in audience development.

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The Coachella Valley Symphony actively provides music education and performance opportunities to our local youth in order to sustain the existence of live symphonic music.

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The Coachella Valley Symphony programs are developed in a way to encourage members to transition from one program to another as one advances musically and matures in age, to establish a foundation of skill, and to promote a life-long love of music.